Live Auctions Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Auctions

1.The sales price will include a 10% Buyer’s Premium added to the final bid accepted by the Auctioneer. All purchases must be paid for on the day of the Auction. We will accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We will accept personal checks with proper identification, but we charge, and Buyer must pay NSF charge as allowed by the state for returned check. In a dispute over payment, we may recover, and Buyer is liable for any expenses, costs or attorney fees we incur in collecting payment. All out of state buyer’s must have Bank Letter of Credit or have payment approved by Auctioneer. No merchandise will be removed from Auction premises until funds have been guaranteed.

2. Sales taxes on the sales price are collected upon payment. Dealer’s sales tax exemptions will be recognized only upon providing a proper, current resale tax identification. Once collected , we will not refund sales taxes even if a valid number is subsequently provided.

3. The Auctioneer will call out each bid as he receives it. We are not responsible for any bid offered but not received. Buyer must clearly signal his bids, listen to the bids called to be sure it was received, and notify the Auctioneer immediately if his bid is called out incorrectly. Any uncertainty or confusion about where or which bid is accepted will be resolved at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer, who has the discretion to declare an item sold, permit further bidding between only parties in dispute, or re-open bidding to all. The item is sold when the item number, bid card number, and accepted bid amount are declared by the Auctioneer to the sale clerk. Buyer must pay for each item upon which his bid is accepted by the Auctioneer’s declaration to the sale clerk.

4. We try to have all items offered for sale available for inspection at least the day before the sale. It is the sole responsibility of Buyer to carefully inspect any item he may purchase, prior to bidding on it. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE. No statement made in any advertising or informational materials for the auction, nor made orally before or during the auction is intended to be a warranty or guarantee of the age, condition, quality, provenance or origin of any item offered for sale. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS. Buyer accepts all responsibility for examining any item offered for sale, investigating its background and informing himself of those matters necessary to evaluate the item as a potential purchase. Buyer also acknowledges that HARTT ANTIQUES GALLERY, LCC. the Auctioneer and their employees, have not made any representations upon which Buyer is relying.

5. Any item originally offered for sale may be withdrawn from the sale at any time prior to the Auctioneer’s declaration that it is sold. Items may be added to the sale at any time. A reserve is the confidential minimum price established between HARTT ANTIQUES GALLERY, LCC. Auctions and the consignor. The auctioneer will bid on behalf of the consignor to the reserve amount, if the bid amount fails to reach the reserve amount the item will be bought-in. Buyer is required to examine and investigate these items, and is bound by Terms and Conditions of paragraph 4 above.

6. Purchases may be removed from the premises of the sale only on presentation of the Buyer’s ticket stub which will be provided by the cashier after payment of all amounts due. We do not provide storing, packing, loading, or transporting services. Buyer must remove his purchases within 4 days of the auction. Buyer acknowledges that we are not in any way responsible for protecting or preserving any items belonging to Buyer which are not removed from the premises within that time.

7. After obtaining the ticket stub from the cashier, Buyer may negotiate private agreements with our employees to assist him in removing his purchases. Any services which may be provided by employees of HARTT ANTIQUES GALLERY, LCC. or the Auctioneer pursuant to a private agreement with Buyer, shall be performed under Buyer’s exclusive supervision and a Buyer’s sole risk. HARTT ANTIQUES GALLERY, LCC. and the Auctioneer shall not be responsible in any manner for any type of damages caused, in whole or in part, by the packing, loading or transporting of any item once it has been purchased by Buyer.

8. Buyer may leave written absentee bids, or may participate in the bidding through the telephone only by making prior arrangements with the Auctioneer, but Buyer remains bound by the Terms and Conditions printed above. A deposit or credit card charge authorization may be required by the Auctioneer.