Hartt Antiques Gallery

Located on Mack Avenue, Hartt Antiques Gallery is the home of Michael J. Hartt Gallery Auctioneers & Appraisers. The Gallery is an antique appraisal and auction house engaged in the appraisal, retail and consignment display, auction and international trade of antiques and collectibles (including the auctioning of large items, such as antique automobiles). The Hartt Antiques Gallery will conduct operations and an Internet line of business from this location.
Hartt Antiques Gallery Building
Consignments and auctions conducted by Hartt Antiques Gallery will be advertised in national and international editions of leading trade publications. The Gallery will work with consignors in contracting potentially interested parties known to display price-tagged inventory.

The Hartt Antiques Gallery will publish and mail complimentary illustrated newsletters, brochures and collateral material for distribution to a mailing list of approximately 25,000 parties with an active interest in auctions.