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Founded in September 1995, eBay is the world’s online marketplace of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and small businesses. Today, the community includes more than 191,000,000 registered members from around the world spending more time on eBay than any other online site, making it the most popular shopping on the internet.

Included in the Hartt Antiques Gallery’s mission is to provide a global trading platform, where anyone can buy or sell anything. On an average day, there are many items listed on the Hartt Antiques Gallery eBay store. People can come to the Hartt Antiques Gallery eBay store to buy or sell items in more than a hundred cagtegories from collectibles like antiques, quality household items, used cars, books, etc. Buyers have the choice to purchase items in an auction-style format or at a “Buy it Now” fixed price.

People from all over the world will buy and sell through the Hartt Antiques Gallery eBay store. The site will offer a wide variety of educational tools, features and services that enable its’ customers property asset items to be sold on consignment on the website quickly, safely, and conviently.

eBay facts:

  • sixteen million items are up for sale on eBay every day,
  • eBay currently has over 191,500,000 global registered users,
  • eBay currently generates over $80 billion in sales, and
  • eBay has over 27,000 categories for items.

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